Hello welcome to the question page. I want it to be known I do not handle any of the shipping or canvas making. All of that is done through Printful. I only create the art.


All orders on your store will ship with our fixed rates and Standard shipping. Shipping with the Overnight and Express methods is available for live rates and manual orders.

Domestic shipping for USA orders

Flat Rate (Standard) (3-4 business days after fulfillment)

For international orders 

International shipping

Flat Rate (Standard) (5-20 business days after fulfillment)


All returns are handled with Printful
here is the link for more information from them: https://www.printful.com/policies/returns

Do I do Custom  work?

Sadly I do not.

Are these painted cavasses?

No, sorry but these are all photoshop prints Printful transfer onto canvases.

Privacy Policy

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I hope all your answers are answered, if not please email or dm me and I will answer your questions as best as possible. Thank you for shopping with me I hope you have an awesome day.